Background Checks

Crelate Hire

Background Checks

Automate and track candidate background checks directly within Crelate, saving your team time and energy, and streamlining your staffing workflow.

Managing the back-and-forth of disjointed background checks can bring a search to a grinding halt and cripple your recruiting team’s efficiency. Take the friction out of the process with Crelate.

Manage candidate consent

Skip copying employee info into multiple background check documents — requisite background forms are filled automatically using information from your initial candidate consent form.

Connect background checks to onboarding workflows to easily qualify candidates for deployment.

Background check results are instantly copied to the contact record.

See everything in Crelate

Sync Crelate with your preferred background check app, and perform background checks directly within your Crelate candidate records.

Add background checks to your onboarding workflow, and they automatically become part of your Crelate onboarding process.

Track background check progress with real-time updates displayed on your Crelate grid-view dashboard.